Black Mesa SNPCs

Hello everyone, so I realized I forgot to post my Black Mesa SNPCs here on Facepunch. Some of you might remember back in 2012 I had promised that I would make Black Mesa SNPCs, well here it is!

=== Download Link ===
Download Link:
Requires VJ Base:

=== Media ===
Pictures are all in the Workshop


I like it, but I’ve noticed two problems, mainly with the HECU SNPCs. Their voices are extremely loud and distorted (not from their radios, but the actual audio quality) and they have more-than-perfect precision: IE, once they notice you, even across the map, no matter what weapon they have they’ll headshot with every shot and drop you in a matter of seconds. There’s no options in the VREJ Base to control the health or proficiency of them.

Besides that, good work.

They do have a range, if an enemy is far, they will chase it and get in a good position for shootin. As for the healht, you can change it if you want to.

I like it, but it’s unusually laggy, is it only me? My fps drops after I spawn a few of them, like around 40

Well there’s your problem

The problem is Steampipe. Please don’t blame me for it, if Garry wants to he can fix it right now but his a lazy ass. Also the Humans do lag but the monsters shouldn’t lag too much, you should be able to spawn 50+ Monsters.

Yeah, there’s a global problem with lag from NPCs. Spawn 50 citizens and you’ll start to see the issue.

Garry messed it up from the steampipe switch update. My SNPCs are not the only one, try spawning even regular HL2 Hunters, if they are more then 40+ the game starts to lag. This seems to happen to all of the HL2-EP2 NPCs. Garry Seriously needs to fix this.

damnit if its even close to 40 OF COURSE ITS GOING TO LAG
been doing it since before the update, heh