Black Mesa Source Barney Skin

I saw some people on the forums wanted a skin of one of the security guard’s faces in the Black Mesa mod that looked like a younger HL2 Barney.

So here he is, in all his Beer-owing awesomeness:[/t][t][/t]

**A few notes about the skin **:eng101:
He’s complete with a normal map too.
I couldn’t make his eyes green like they are in HL2, as all the heads use the same eyes, and I don’t think I can change that.
It replaces the Base_M_13 head skin.
Since all the male heads are used by the BM guards, hgrunts, and Scientists, Barney’s head’ll probably end up on a few of them. :v:
His head will also change shape, due to BM’s face randomizer-thingy, but if you’re using this in g-mod or SFM, here’s a picture of the flexes I used to make his face look more Barney-like:


I still haven’t got that beer…

Nice release though.

For the eyes, that’s actually an easy work-around. All you’d need to do is clone the .VMT and .VTF files that’s normally used for the eyes, edit them accordingly, and then set the model up to use your version instead.

Problem is, then all the guards would have green eyes, unless that is preferable?

Not necessarily. By making a clone of the .VMT and .VTF files that are normally used and assigning the clones to the new head’s eyes instead of the originals, only the guards that are using the new head will have green eyes. All that would need to be done before/after that is editing the .VMT clone to point to the edited .VTF clone before assigning it to the eyes of the new head, and it would work out just fine.

Speaking of which, here’s a nerdy scientist Barney:


looks like someone tried to make Barney in Oblivion and failed horribly

I’m not going to lie, I could probably create a pretty realistic Neanderthal using Oblivion settings. Anything else just looks horrible.

Hopefully some kid doesn’t come along here and posts it on workshop.

Ok, well, I got bored again, so I decided to do a few quick pics in G-mod of Barney:[/t][t][/t]

Those eyebrows.

he stole them from Millhouse

Or from…

[sp]Plz don’t ban[/sp]

As one of the original people who requested it… Thank you. You should probably upload it on the work shop so more people are aware that its out there,(Edit)( just make sure you do before someone else does it for you. I’ll post here if i see it uploaded under someone else’s name.) but that’s just my opinion. Thanks again!

Dont bump dead threads. If people really want some models then they need to find Facepunch and and not just download stuff from Workshop as alot of stuff aint put up there. Of course people reupload stuff without giving credit to the orginial maker, and thats just shitty.

sorry I didn’t notice the time since the last reply was posted.