Black Mesa: Source conversion problems

After getting Black Mesa Source, I tried to port some of the models over. Most of them worked fine in garrys mod, But some of the vehicles have black/purple checkerboards. I can not find the texture files for the following vehicles:


Does anyone know where they are?

P.S. I couldn’t find a topic exactly fit for this so I put it here. Apologies if it is in the wrong area.

the materials are in “BMS/materials/models/props_vechicles”. Also, use VTFEdit to get a preview of the materials so you can tell if that’s the material you’re looking for.

Thanks CSLeader, But thats what I did. The Models are in the right file but the textures are not showing up.

Go get the contents from “BMS/Materials/models/effects”. It contain the phongwarps and other stuff for the BMS models

Ok, got the M1 Abrams, Harrier & M1075 working. The Osprey and Humvee have a texture, but the Purple Black is translucent and covering the vehicles (I can see the door frame, etc.).

P.S. I noticed that I also need materials/detail/bm_metal_detail_01.vtf


Look in that file too.