Black Mesa Source to Half Life Source Model Porting thread.

I am requesting help to either guide me on how to do what the title mentions, or even help me with it.

This might sound like a stupid request, but all of the HL:S HD packs are either just gearbox’s or broken.

So what I’m asking, is for file paths, tools I will need, and directories for the BMS models, and where they should go.

I’m also not quite sure that the creators of BMS would be happy with this, so it will probably be for my personal use only unless I get permission.

The guys on the BMS dev team don’t give a shit if you port their stuff, so long as you actually credit them if/when you make a release.

Oh sweet, thanks for letting me know!

This would be a very hard task, as the animations differ from the original HL1 animations (Name and ACT wise) and that Black Mesa uses flexes for the face instead of a controller.

If you’re just wanting to have HD textures and models in the original HL1 level layout, you’d be better off just decompiling the HL:S maps and remaking them for the BMS mod.

Doing it the other way around would be an insane amount of work, especially for someone who has no idea what they’re doing.

Good thing you mention that, because it WOULD be quite a bit easier.

Alright, I’m calling this off. I found a nice little pack here: that pretty much satisfies me. But I do have some questions; whether I have custom content or not I do experience some MAJOR bugs. I don’t know if it is just me but at the dam part in surface tension, it crashes, RPGs go straight through helecopters, and there is no chrome effect on anything. where it should be, it’s just black. And also, is there any way to make it that so when you look down, you see your feet?

For the record, I would have recommended this pack: It would’ve required some of your own touch for it to work correctly, but hey, I like it.

Yeah, I tried that one for a while, but whenever I fixed something, another thing would break.