Black Model Textures

Well, as said, i’ve been getting these weird black areas on props since the latest update (I’ve reinstalled GMod, doesn’t help at all)


I can only say update video drivers, and play with the texture settings, to see if it makes a difference.

Out of interest, do the black parts flicker or anything?
Also, what is your video card?

Graphics card is a shitty Intel Mobile, but it always worked fine before the update.

I’ve heard it’s a shader issue, which brings me to update my Graphics Drivers (I’m going to check now). However, i’ve not had this issue with current drivers before, so it makes me think that it’s a different issue.

(The black parts are static, do not flicker)

Well, intergrated GPUs are often the problem behind similar things to this… Though it didn’t have an issue before, it’s possible the update to Garry’s Mod may have caused this to start happening, though I couldn’t say why. And yes, it is very likely to be a shader issue. If updating your drivers does not work, try playing around with the shader settings (if possible).

Nah, updated my Graphics driver, still no beans.

Not a clue what this could be, just did a complete steam reinstall, all games, etc. Verified GMod, nothing to download (apparently), then deleted gmod again.

Just going to give it one more attempt.

Check other source games, like CS:S and TF2. Try and single it out to something. If they all have the same problem, then it’s probably your computer, if not, then it’s something to do with Gmod.

Works fine in TF2/CSS (Definately GMod)

The only addon I have is wiremod, surely that can’t be it :\

(PS, i like your Red Dwarf avatar :V)

Is it all of the models in the game, or just certain ones? It’s possible there’s a certain material type that’s causing it for you. I noticed in the screenshot, the models with the problem are all custom (PHX + Wire).

(Thanks, I think it is very KAWAII)

It’s random props, but only PHX and Wire ones.

Sometimes one prop renders properly, but another doesn’t.

For example, had the PHX 2x2x2 cube last night, it rendered properly, after GMod restart, it didn’t, but the prop 2x1 did render properly, weird.

Well, I guess that’s your problem… You could try redownloading them through the SVN, or just leave them how they are untill you find another solution. I’m not sure why this would suddenly start happening…

Windows 7 Re-Install ACTIVATE!