Black n White Camera

You know when you want to make a old day picture with rag dolls n crud and color mod isn’t working for you? Well it would be nice if somebody made a black n white Camera, so it would stop all the trouble trying to get the right colors.

While we’re at it, let’s make a color camera!

I hope to God that’s supposed to be sarcasm.

it doesn’t even make sense if it was.

And yeah, if some arty stuff is what you’re into, a black and white camera would be good.

… Dude there already is one @>@

…Dude he was being sarcastic @>@

This really wouldn’t even be needed. Just take the original image and edit it in photoshop or something.

No i wasn’t.

MS publisher can do this easy.

mat_yuv 1

thx :slight_smile: