Black Ops 2 Mp ninjaripper vaccable?


does some of you know if you get vacced by using the ninjaripper on the black ops 2 multiplayer?
i only know that it modifys a dll and on the next start of the game its still active so does someone have experiecence with it?:v:

it injects a dll - so probably yes.

hmm i am gonna get another black ops account and rip some stoff with it thanks for the fast reply

If you’re ripping from the game, might I make a small request though
The skorpion smg and the female pilot from the sp.

yeah sure i can do that for you

it’s 100% bannable i got banned from black ops for using 3d ripper dx, made me so pissed i wasted 60 dollars over stupid models

wait, its possible to launch black ops 2 via 3d ripper? When i try it, 3d ripper windows disappears and no interface is shown ingame

//or were you talking about black ops 1?

I’ve used it in Black Ops singleplayer and locally hosted multiplayer without getting banned.

Just turn VAC off in options when you host multiplayer and it works fine. I’d assume the same is true for BO2.

No offense, but what did you think - it’s an injectable DLL, which is the exact same method trainers use.

Any anticheat system would pick it up.

you should just play a multiplayer game without running ninja ripper, then when your done run ninja ripper and go into theater to rip

thats what i do :v:

lol at the time i don’t think anyone really knew about ninja ripper only 3d ripper dx

but how do you disable it again? backups or what?

remove the dll’s


Also, I think that the best way to rip stuff is to just be a try hard and unlock all the weapons and equipment in singleplayer. I did so. Cant wait till christmas holidays so I will actually have time to compile those

so i tryed now to rip some stuff but for me its only working on the singelplayer.
first i tryed ninja ripper the game doesnt start it says no server connection or something.
then i tryed 3d ripper dx without any sucess for me its only working in singelplayer

singleplayer is the way to go, you have 95% of the stuff there anyway

naw not the mp player models ^^

not perfect but my first try

there is a tool out there atm that’s in the works to open the .ff files and extract the models

EDIT: not my screenshot but here you guys go for proof

could you please put a link here?