Black Ops 2 old woods 3D model

anyone have the Model? :frowning:

Considering you only see the model in pre-rendered cutscenes, it’s likely that the model isn’t actually in the game anywhere. and how to doing this? D:

I have no idea.

He never appears outside of a cutscene, but if you extract all of the content from the game it might be possible to find the model. You’d have to ask the guy who made that video.

:confused: True

If you complete the campaign on Veteran it unlocks the Cordis Die band secret ending with Old Woods sitting in a wheel chair.

You can likely rip it then.

Alternatively, he shows up in the bad ending as a model. (See 8:50)

I don’t think the secret ending is rendered ingame.

This video was created by developers for VGA 2012, as i remember

Well, no. It’s a pre-rendered video

That’d explain how they got it properly voice acted and how they got the background scene perfect too. My money’s back on the model being nowhere within the game’s files.

I’ll get in reinstalled and have a look and see if I can dig it up. I mean if I can find an open topped unused Iveco LMV in Ghosts maybe I can find Old Woods in BO2.

I would appreciate

Ghosts, not Black Ops 2. Two different things. Even the developers are different. But then, good luck to you.

Speaking of unused Ghosts content. Apparently Hesh was gonna rock a tanktop in the first mission.

Why they ended up giving him a slav-esque tracksuit, I do not know.

Ghosts is one of those games where the more you look at the content the more it seems like lots of things got cut, scaled back or changed before release.

It sucks, because I want Hesh’s tanktop model.

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