Black Ops 2 Weapon Sniper's rifles

Guys,we urgently need weapons of black ops 2. Model of sniper rifles for 3ds max or cinema 4d . Please help,brothers ;(
Please :frowning:

You already made a thread about this.

Katra804,There does not meet the people. Maybe someone here will answer and help i ask very.

Not entirely sure what you just said, but stick to your original thread. You don’t need to make a new one for the exact same purpose as the original just because nobody was posting in it.

Learn to distinguish the difference between need and want. AND don’t make so many threads I don’t think that is a very good idea.

It seems, I look for here the help, instead of talk = /

If you want Black ops 2 stuff go to the black ops2 thread. I think that would be the best place to ask. Also could you please not type like you’re an idiot. Then again I see that you have only 5 posts, all of which show you are either a troll or you don’t know you’re English very well.

K1ngElite,You’re an idiot?Or just stupid? I humanly ask people model DSR-50 of BO2.I instead of hearing a normal response,always some sort of a donkey and breed flood is not on the topic.

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Or is it easier to close the topic,to such as you didn’t write crap here =/

Irony at its finest.

And to the OP, you’re probably not likely to get much help here, since this is a forum for Garry’s Mod modding. Might be worth PMing some of the people who have ported things from black ops 2 personally and asking them about it.

First off, don’t be an ass just because you aren’t getting a response that you want. Insulting others will usually only lead to you getting in trouble, even if they insulted you first. Your English is somewhat difficult to understand (probably because you are using a translator), so you should expect responses like that.

Second, you never stated what model you were wanting from Black Ops 2 - you merely stated that you wanted the sniper rifle models for 3DS Max and Cinema 4D. I’m fairly certain that nobody here is a mind reader, so posting something as vague as “model of sniper rifles for 3ds max or cinema 4d” pretty much states that you are wanting all of the sniper rifles, not just one in particular. You also provided no reference image in your opening post, so that only further lead to your request being vague. Not to mention, but closing this thread will do nothing since you would most likely just create another one with the same vague request.