Black Ops 3 Gold Reaper Model

Recently I came upon m0xf’s upload of the Black Ops 3 character models.

Upon seeing the quality of this Outrider render I was hoping to create a Reaper model.

So far:
1.) I am able to load the .psk models into blender using m0xf’s script
2.) I can position one head model on one of the body models (There are so many and they all have names like “c_t7_mp_reaper_mpc_body1_lod0d782ca4e.psk”
3.) I can delete the 3d components that are dealing with the rigging (I think thats what they are for; they serve no other purpose than getting in the way of the actual model)

1.) After getting the pieces put together its just a gray model (its in cycles render), no textures what so ever
2.) I have no clue how to apply the .dds textures.
3.) I still have no clue what all the different files are for (several psk’s in one folder)
4.) There are no gold textures whatsoever (Or any in-game textures for that matter)

My end goal is to be able to render the gold reaper model in very high quality in blender’s cycles render.
If this can be accomplished I’ll probably go on to try the other BO3 characters

Here is what im trying to get in blender:

Any help is appreciated :smiley:

Thank you,