Black Ops 3 models?

I asked in the beta models thread but had no luck. Is there any way of getting assets from Black Ops 3 yet? I only need a couple of specialist variations.

If anyone could help that’d be highly appreciated, thanks.

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Preferably rigged too.

I would get them, but I can’t get the game dumped. I think the extraction tool needs to be updated.

Is the tool used still Lime or are there other methods now?

lime wasn’t updated for black ops 3 nor do I think it ever will. Someone else made a tool, but updates have made it obsolete afaik.

Bugger, I hope something’s sorted out soon since the beta assets are pretty limited (looking to get some of the specialist variations that I’m unsure were available in the beta).

what do you need in particular? I have most of the game dumped.

Not sure about him, but if you could send me lots of foliage (with lods) that would be amazing.

here you go

If you could get Firebreak’s Biohazard variations, the Black Market dealer and any of the campaign cast (primarily Sarah Hall) that’d be fantastic.

for now here’s firebreak (most of the colors on the mp characters’ diffuse maps are white, so it should be simple to change the color to what you want). I don’t think I have the dealer, but I’ll look again. I’ll put together the campaign characters in a bit

Legend, thanks!

Thank you so much!

Would it be possible to get any of the combat robots or Reaper?

Can you upload all, or at least as many weapons as you can? I really like the design of these weapons, especially the individual attachments.

If it’s not too much of a burden, how about the Egyptian Army mens? The ones in the first mission too, if possible.

54i soldiers and robots

Egyptian Army soldiers

NRC soldiers and robots

and here’s reaper

Many thanks.

Are the beaten up egypt dudes/POWs included in your model dump too by any chance?

ehh, the casual egypt guys and the medics are in there i think
actually neither are in there, oops
and they’re in there now

Thanks a bunch!