Black ops 3 Reaper

Hello everyone! With the release of the Black Ops 3 beta for PC in a few days, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to rip some player models and weapons if possible. The one specific model I would like is the Reaper robot model, which can be seen here:

If anyone could get any models it would be really awesome :slight_smile:

Why not actually wait till it’s out on PC to see if anyone can instead of making a thread before the beta has even started.

Even when it gets out on PC, ripping from any CoD games is difficult enough with Lemon/Lime tools, but those tools aren’t even updated to work on Blops 3 because it’s not out on PC.

I thought of this, but the beta is only open for about 3 or 4 days, so I was thinking if anybody wanted to try to get some models, better to give them a sort-of heads up or something so they can prepare in advance if need be.

Good news: I pre-ordered Blops 3.

Bad news: I pre-ordered Blops 3. And if the beta is only gonna be open for a few days, I doubt wincat can pump out an update to make lime compatable within the timeframe. I don’t mean any offense not am I implying “HA HA HA! WINCAT WORKS SLOW! HA HA HA!” but let’s see what happens when the beta is out.

This is exactly what I was thinking. That’s why I figured I’d post in advance. Thank you for this!

Sorry for this post its a little late to the conversations but were you able to get the reaper model??? Looking around and trying to find it.