Black OPS Commando Animations SWEP Scrip Needed

:siren: I have animated the black ops Commando model and I need for someone to Compile this into Gmod, and make it into a SWEP. :siren:

In the RAR file there are 5 Animations in an SMD format:


All of these were animated by ZeeJ (me) in 3ds Max 2011

** MediaFire Links: **

[release] ----- SMDs ------> UPDATED RELOAD DOWNLOAD <------ ----- Sounds ----- Gun Textures ----- Hand Texture

** FileSmelt Links: **

[release] ----- SMDs ------> UPDATED RELOAD DOWNLOAD <------ ----- Sounds ----- Gun Textures

Here is the vid for the Animes. ( Sounds from MW2 M4 )


PS: I will try to add More Animes Tomorrow such as run loop and so on.

:siren: Pleas make this into an awesome swep :smiley: :siren:

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Anyone willing to do this and then post a link here ?

Does this go in requests?

btw on thread: Never played blackops but i could try?

this is my 3rd trhead and each time they tell me to move it to different section :stuck_out_tongue:


These are animations in SMD format, I just need someone make teh LUA code for teh swep and then compile them.

Who ever gets these done Can releas it as long as you credit me for the animations

Better idea!

Compile for CS:S first, then hex over to GMOD and SWEP’itize it!


I had someone make this, but they cant seem to get the sounds to work

U have orinal texture from game .??? and can five it for me pls???

Mine is working, its in my source right now. (swep ready)

awesome if u ever finish you can releas on gmod :smiley:


(for now its on my cs:source, sg552 slot) now all I need to do is find a person who can make it for g-mod

sorry I’m poor on Scripting

oh thats awesome, Ok I know someone who has already made it into a swep his name is thecounter but He isn’t online atm.

PS: Rotate the shell ejection a bit forward
it makes it look really nice ingame (make the red line point forward) also could I have the files in a PM ?

Can I have the model (compiled for sg552 as you said) for private purposes? It just looks sooooooo pretty, and he already gave the model away, so it’s not really private only, so whatya say?

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But you’re great with models.

He means compile the gun as a cs:s reskin, then hex the model, then script it for gmod.

I can hex it, but then there is still the problem of a LUA scripter.

Lol. Yep. Maybe Cake… garrynohome, I dunno could take it in. You could just use a lua base, I think I could try that, it wouldn’t be that hard… would it? Eh.

Christ, already tried using a damn base, can’t understand a thing. Anyway, like I said, Hexing is easy, you just need someone who can code it in.

Jesus, Lua is going to give me nightmares.

EDIT:Wow, was able to make ONE swep. ONE! And it was an M4…Based off of Lolrus’s M16.

Zeej, awesome job as always! Give us silencer on/off animes please.

amination is cool but amination reload look like m16 amination more than commando

I would like to have that model for private purposes as well.

Release it publicly and everyone can have it for “private purposes”

zeej and .exe
my fav animators :smiley:
teh snake…
my fav textures creator