Black Ops II Zombie Map Import?

(There’s a tl;dr at the bottom if you don’t want to hear me out)

Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong area of facepunch, but this seemed like a good area to place this idea.

I had recently purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and went straight to the “Zombies” mode, and saw that the map “TranZit” was a fairly cool-looking map.
And I thought of it to be an amazing idea to import the map for source-based games.

2 Problems arise though:

  1. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to importing maps non-native to source, or map/hammer editing in that matter.
  2. I do not own Black Ops II for the PC

Now before you start thinking "Ew, Call of Duty! I would never touch such filth!", hear me out on this.
The map is a fairly good looking map, and would be a lot of fun to mess with in games like Garry’s Mod, or to make stunning movies with in SourceFilmmaker.

So, my question is: Is it possible to import the map through a software/program to make it usable in Source-based games? If so, is someone kind enough to do it? Or at least supply the files necessary TO do it?

Here’s a few screenshots of the game (Please bare with me, I sadly cannot find very many images, due to the game being a bit new, and Google Images being weird)

tl;dr I like the map TranZit from Cod Black ops II, is there a way to import it? And is someone able to do it?

Probably can’t just directly import it. Although you COULD remake it with brushes and things. However, the TranZit map is fairly large so you’d have to split the whole thing into separate maps.

i see. Well, might was well learn how to hammer now, so i can make this within my patience limits -_-

You could try and rip the map using 3D ripper DX
Import it into 3DS max, fix it up, and do what this guy did (dunno how well it would work.)

But yeah, you are better off recreating it from scratch. (Also I don’t thing BLOPs2’s files have been cracked yet I may be wrong)

Recreating it wouldn’t be very easy if you’re new. It could be good practice, though.

i dnt think you can…after all Treyarch said BO2 is running on DX11 so youll have to use ninja ripper

There is apparently a way to export just the brushwork from a non-compiled .map file for radiant. You most likely don’t have the uncompiled file.

Unfortunately, said tutorial is on Gamebanana, and I’m not risking it. Your funeral though.

The tutorial is for quake radiant, but CoD radiant is pretty much identical. Don’t trust that those features will be there though.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but most games aren’t made 90% of models stuck together?

IW engine is brush based, almost exactly like source. If you look at the examples in the CoD 4 SDK, even things like ropes are brushes.