Black Ops III Campaign Models [SFM]

Hey everyone, i jumped onto BOIII models from singleplayer and figured i’ll be posting releases here when they’re done.
First one of them being Hendricks, comes with bodygrouped gear and full set of posing features (L4D2 Flexes). More to come when they’re finished.

OMFG I WISH I COULD CREATE SFM MODELS!!!Oh dude, think you could do AW campaign models too? Or just this model?

The game’s been out for two years now, it’s about time somebody started posting things from the campaign.

Male player, same features as the previous one, L4D2 flexes, finger, eye posing and bodygroups.

how to do Subsurface scattering for hair cards !!?

WW2 outfit you get for completing the game. Bodygrouped gear.