Black Ops III Zombie Chronicles Models

Any character models would be much appreciated, Specifically the main 4 and Samantha Maxis…
Also if anyone could rip the Space Dog that would be awesome!

And the Hellhounds too!

Hell hounds have been previously released in Der Reise rip

The BO3 models? Where can I find this rip?

Search for black ops 3 beta models … I think it’s 5 or 6 pages in. You may have to get onto creator tho as links may now be dead

I’ll have to go looking for it later. BTW, stupid question maybe, but what’s Creator? A program or something? But right now, my highest priorities are the new characters models of the OG main four. Anybody here ripped anything yet?

I can give 3 survivors only, honorguard zombies, moon personal, zombie mech (panzer soldat).

Awesome ! Could you make them available here ?


LOL… i just realized that i export the model but never upload it for you


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Ultimis characters

Awesome man thanks ! Can you rip random models from Z C on request ? A dump of all the character models would be so cool

Can someone please extract the Ultimus survivors from Zombies Chronicles? Mainly in mesh.ascii format?

Thank you so much, it was worth the wait. I appreciate it as always!

I second this, but also include ma/obj format :wink:

is that link, i wrote primis instead ultimis

Any chance you could rip Samantha? Thank you so much by the way for helping us out!!

I see. Thank you for doing so. I’ve been itching to get my hands on some proper Richtofen and clean Takeo models.

Regarding the model formats themselves. I use Cinema 4d for animation but can only load .obj files which contains no bone information.

I have access to a computer with Maya installed, so my question is do any of the other formats contain rigged characters?
Will be a pain to rig these guys in cinema 4d.

all, except OBJ(i dont know about SMD), have rigged chars
on maya you need to drag the bind script(.mel) after import the .ma file

smd is rigged

awesome thanks, got it sorted!