Black Ops M16A1/A2 pack

Figured i’d try to release a bunch of the hacks/ports i have finished and unreleased, so here’s a pack of M16s and M16 variants, with just about everything bodygrouped.


Colt Model 604 (M16A1)
Colt Model 653 (M16A1 Carbine)
Colt Model 727 (M16A2 Carbine)
Separate magazine/grenade props.

All models (except the grenade) have lots of bodygroups and two skins, so the bodygroup tool is highly advised.

Base models are viewmodels from Black Ops, with some parts from the CS:GO and L4D M4/M16s, thanks to BlooCobalt for the M16A2 handguard.

Credits to Treyarch and Valve for the original models, and me for just about everything else.

Download here

this is sexy

Have been looking for a good A1 model for a while, then bam, this guy.

Impeccable timing, floater.

Ah you finished them.

You have my download, Great release dude.

good work!

Excellent. I have been looking forward to using these.

Lets see, grenade launcher attachment. Comes in vintage Vietnam era style and modern era flavors. A scope. Jungle style clips.

Instant download!

workshop download times out for me

Floater, could you do me a favor and port Crosby’s model from the second mission when it’s rainy in Black Ops II?

nevermind got it working

I don’t own Black Ops 2, so no.

The game came out a couple of days ago. Be a bit more patient.

I’m sorry. I just really love the model x.x

Holy hotness

lookan neato

nice work.
awesome !