Black Ops Weapon Models and more

Hi, I have been working for hours to make this model pack possible, and the good thing is, all the files are is MAYA file format, that means, all weapons have bones? in them? I think that is what its called, but all the weapons are “rigged” or “boned” however you call it, so porting should be easy.

Every weapon in Black Ops I believe is in this pack, this pack was created by me.

What it contains is around 289 weapons, each weapon has there own folder and image folder, so you will easly find the image that belongs to that weapon, the images might have the spec map, normal map,cosine power and color map.

Also, some weapons are not textured, please be aware Treyarch did not give Black Ops good mod tools and left out some important things like the materials for the images, these weapons that are not textured are weapons, I believe are not even in the game at all and were from previous games, like W@W and just forgot to take them out.

If you need any help, just private message me.


CODBlackOpsWeapons (MAYA) 608.65 MB

CODBlackOpsWeaponsPart1 (OBJ) 624.77 MB

If slingfile is giving you problems, here is another link for the file!
CODBlackOpsWeaponsPart1 (OBJ) 624.77 MB

CODBlackOpsWeaponsPart2 (OBJ) 152.35 MB

Projectiles from the weapons

CODBlackOps Projectiles (MAYA) 10.86 MB

CODBlackOps Projectiles (OBJ) 10.5 MB

Pictures of some of the weapons:

and the PM63

If you want to donate anything to support me, as I plan to release a Black Ops Model pack in the future that includes the thousands of models in Black Ops.

Please donate at any amount helps! I plan to release ALOT of models in the near future!

Why did you remake this thread? It was in the right spot before.

This forum is generally for models already compiled for Source.

I saw the “release” subfourms and I thought It was supposed to be here…my mistake, I wish there was a way to delete the thread.

Please oh Please Rig the moon zombies Anyways great great job. Downloading now and adding to my black ops garrys mod torrent (Credit Included of course) Thanks a million. Btw The download link does not work 504 BAD GATEWAY Not sure if it has to do with me so much as it is the crappy download web you picked…personally id choose mediafire if you have premium.

Do you know that the PM63 is polish weapon? But it’s kinda shitty presented in this game.

Thank you for the request, I will look into it.

What link doesn’t work? All the links work for me?

Well finally somebody did it. I was ready to give up on porting the weapons… Does this include Nazi Zombie weapons from DLCs like the Shrink Ray?

Its all the weapons from initial release, I do not believe the Shrink ray is in this, I don’t think Treyarch included it in the tools, but there are some Zombie weapons, I believe the freeze gun is in the pack and the thunder gun etc.

All the weapons are now released in OBJ format!

Remember, if you like these packs and want to donate to support me, Please donate at any amount helps!

I plan to release more model packs in the future from Black Ops, so stay tuned for more details in the future.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to pm me!

Well I just realized these are only models when i had finished downloading them…thought they where ported to gmod my so my reaction overall was:

Lol, sorry about that.

Learn to read first posts in threads then.

I do know how to smart one. I just get over excited and piss my pants a little and dont bother to read descriptions and go straight for the download. When I see a T pose thats when i know there not rigged.

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It’s literally in the first goddamn sentence.

Well in all fairness it did have a lot of commas in it

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Its a habit I need to quit, but well, I am working hard on a new model pack for Black Ops, I hope to release it soon. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG i would love the vietnam chopper with that, and i will be perfectly happy

There are a couple helicopter models in the pack coming out soon :), I am about to go to bed so I will see if I can give you a pack tomorrow after I come back from school :slight_smile:

Please be aware, like I mentioned before, Treyarch did not include all of the models in Black Ops, so they included some helicopter models, but I am certain they didn’t include all of them.

No im pretty sure I had it right. Its called copy and paste you didn’t need to have useless correction

Idk what maya is being a noob at rigging I shouldn’t know