Black pieces in my meshes

In garrysmod, There are some parts on meshes that are shaded completely black. How do I fix this? I recently had to have my computer wiped, and it wasnt like this before it. This isn’t just on Garrysmod, It is on pretty much every source game I play, But garrysmod is the worst.

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Hello, I have an issue on gmod that forces me to have pure black textures on some models. I don't mean dark I mean BLACK AS FREAKING NIGHT. It's especially easy to see when it's far away.

Picture 1. Car Door
Glitched with Flashlight

Is exactly like: and

Suggestion solution(that works): -dxlevel 81

However, this makes some of my models lose their textures and go completely glass-like.

With DX9 - [Click here.](
With DX81 - [Click here.](

I get this error: material models/vkspikedwyvern/bs07_00 has a normal map and an envmapmask. Must use $normalmapalphaenvmapmask.

However, I would not know how to fix this. I REALLY hate the pure-black textures so... I don't know. Any help appreciated. 

Also, this is likely similar to your problem so… steals a spot

Yeah thats exactly like mine, they need to find a fix

I think I can fix my error by fixing that $normalmapalphaenvmask but I don’t know how to fix it. I know that black model thing is gone in -dxlevel 81.