Black Polygons on Models

It seems that on every source 2009 game there are black polygons on certain models, like the fence, deagle, etc. I posted a picture to give you a better idea on what’s going on. Anyone know how to fix this?


This is VALVe’s problem, not yours. The models have inverted polygons which makes them untexturable and black.

Doesn’t seem to be the problem, running any of the source games on DX 8 seems to get rid of the polygons.

Hey, thats my EXACT issue posted over @

Loading the client in DX 8 is as simple as -dxlevel 80 right?


I fixed this by changing my Shader level, from Low, to High (Noted NO performance loss.)

Oh yay! Fuck you shitty black polygons!

I did that and that didn’t work

I already have it on high. That doesn’t seem to be the problem here.

The only solution seems to be running gmod on dx level 80, which I don’t want to do.