Black props?

So these prop_static’s like to be all black i’ve tried the expert compile settings with -PropStaticLighitig but that made no visible change and the settings in the config for the props
Compile log: The too many light styles can’t be changed since it’s for a night light system the Leak didn’t break it and as for the “make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: Cannot convert” i have no idea but it does lead me to water_lod_controllers

first don’t compile with vvis set to -fast, second

 1.627495 -2.898856 0.000000
  1.618001 -3.798947 0.000000
  0.011759 -3.798947 0.000000
  0.086350 -3.798947 0.000000
make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: Cannot convert

this could be due to badly made displacements or corrupt models , and lastly with WARNING: Too many light styles on a face at those errors try seting a max distance on the ligt so it only lights a small area :slight_smile:

Too many light styles on a face means you have more than three different light names/colors/effects hitting one spot. this error is harmless, it’ll just make some weird looking lighting areas or lighting trouble that you didn’t intend to have. Like this.

For example,
A blue light, a light_environment, a toggle light, and a red light all inside one room. That would cause too many light styles error.