Black Props

So I got on Garry’s Mod yesterday and started building something and I noticed that most props were black when I spawned them.

Some props like the couch are only black when I spawn them then turn normal after a second.
Also, whenever I shine my flashlight on the prop it shows its regular color.

Any fix for this?

Your graphics card is either breaking or needs an update.

I thought this would be a Black Ops prop thread.

On topic: Try verifying game cache, reinstalling gmod, and making sure your addons and stuff are up to date.


If you have Faphack/BaconBot remove them

the same thing happened to me. i got an addon, and it started doing that. i deleted the addons that i downloaded the previous night, and it fixed.

Im having the same problem, but with ragdolls for some reason and when you get close to them, it turns black & white. i deleted all my addons and…nothing happened.

link to my problem: