Black/Purple bug

I am getting this black+purple bug on rp_city8_2, i do have hl2, hl2ep1 and ep2.
So is there any way to fix this annoying bug?

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I might as well just say another steam related error even though it doesnt belong here.

I’m trying to download l4d2 but whatever i try to do then it just says that the steam servers are busy.

I have tried changing the download location, i’ve tried renaming/deleting clientregistery.blob file and i have restarted my computer. No sollution works, so do any of you have a idea?
i followed the FAQ that i found on steam forums.

You are probably missing CS:S, it’s on sale last time I checked.

Try waiting to tomorrow before you download L4D2, as the error tells you, the steam servers may be busy. Maybe it’s a popular game that got released today.

Datmeg: No, i do have css on my steam account and it is installed, same with all the hl episodes.

Drasar: I will, i’ll reply tommorow if it doesnt work to wait.

You probably haven’t downloaded the custom textures, and as far as i know that map HAS CUSTOM TEXTURES, if not, make sure all of your games are mounted with Gmod

If none of the past comments have worked try deleting the “Materials” folders in each and every game you have mounted to Gmod and then validate their files so that Steam will replace them automatically with the defaults.

Make sure you have successfully launched CS:S so it generates the needed folders.

The map problem is solved now. Its only the download thingy that i still have problems with.

Steam -> Settings -> Downloads + Cloud -> Download Region then change it to somewhere else, I hear Ukraine has lots of bandwith