Black & Purple, l4d models.

I downloaded l4d Characters and Weapons from here

I placed folder in garrysmod/addons folder, but textures of all weapons and characters are purple and black.

What is wrong?

Do you own L4D?

you gonna tell me that if i dont own l4d its illegal, right?
no i dont own l4d. I was trying extract models from demo, With same results.

** T_T **

I’m pretty certain you need to own L4D for the models to actually work.

But gmod can’t mount l4d, can it?

No. Do you have your Dx level lower than 9? It did the same to me when I had it on 8.1.

ok. i already fixed it myself ^^ gmod9 is not that good as 11…

I have a similar problem with their eyes. I still can’t fix 'em.