Black Raven group

1.Is a small new community devoted to Building only and other game modes.
2.85% of the servers out seem to be mingey some how.
3.A simple server when the tools you need to build.
-Most STools
4. No tolerance for the noob…just a simple ban.
5.Most likey the unmingest part is the part were there will be not one minge on.
6.The point is that as I see it gmod has become realy hard to find a good server within the network.
7.If you dont like it then F**K off.
8. Sounds like Nazis? No…I just want a server out of the 1000’s of servers, just one, one to be non nub land.

Server info: Datacenter Chicago

Looking for Admin’s? YES!

Fail chance? Indeed 67% Fail.

At least your honest about it.

On a serious note, though, this sounds like an okay server, but the only problem is it seems pretty small population-wise.

I have been playing for the last 3 years and I can not find any good servers out there so I got my own…I would like people who love to build to join the server and be an active user and enjoy the true meaning of the game of it’s self becuase, most of the time you get people in that spam and then light shit and just cause a bunch of bull shit all over. If people like that then it’s ok…but there mostly likely 11 years old and rehavoch on the servers. Like I said it’s on all day for users to build

(I don’t use FP becuase I felt it was not me so after 3 years I finaly got on.)

All builders are welcome.

Site coming soon.

Sounds like a fair server.