Black rim lighting

How would I create a rim “darkening” effect in a material? I have tried a couple of different methods but none really resulted in what I was looking for. What i’m trying to do is make it so that surfaces facing away appear shadowed or darkened rather then lightened. Anyone have any ideas??

There are two ways you can do this that I know of.

$phongfresnelranges “[0.5 1.5 6.0]” are the ranges I typically use for phong – the final number defines the strength of the phong at a grazing angle. You can set that to a negative value, and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Another way is to set your $rimlightboost to a negative value, but this will create a universal rim-darkening whenever your model is affected by ambient lighting (from the map or from a lightbulb).

Awesome!!! Thanks!! :smiley:

A $lightwarptexture may also help, although they seem to be really picky as to how they work.