Black Screen after game loads, no Unity crash message.

So I used the search feature and the only things related to this were from June and none provided any help for me.

What happens:

I join a server from the server select screen on

The game loads successfully to 100% and then the background logo stops spinning.

Nothing happens for a while and it stays at the screen that says “rust.” and “alpha test” on it.

If I click the “full window” button in the bottom right the game expands going to a black screen.

From there nothing happens and no buttons work.


I can press esc. and access options and such, sometimes the buttons work sometimes not.

I have tried nearly every server.

I did get in for a few seconds about half an hour ago.

My laptop can play high end games (DayZ at 40fps high settings)

Unity Web Player does work for other games. (tested)

I uninstalled and reinstalled Unity twice.

I used Internet Explorer.

EDIT: Sometimes I do get a Unity crash message.

Thanks for any help anyone can give and lets hope (fingers crossed) I don’t get banned this time! :wink:

same thing happens to me. it did it to me when i first tried to log in this morning, and i just refreshed the page and it worked. now it’s done it to me about 6 times in a row and idk what to do

Servers are being held ransom until they fix the hacker problems or at least get a decent answer from them.

oh ok, so basically we can’t get online? That’s fine with me i just want to know what’s up lol


Yeah it is really stupid. I just want to play.

Wait so someone answer me this, it’s not just me?

No. Unless you can tell me you can connect to the US West - Sleepers

Same thing here boys. Tried multiple browsers, clearing cache, reinstalling unity. Nothing works. Darn, hope my stuff doesnt decay while they figure this out.

How are people still playing?

Lol I just had a long hard talk with my bank to put the goddamn payment through, and once it finally does and I get the game I can’t play.

I have the same problem I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!

YES I got in!

is anyone else trying to get in the Australian servers?!?

Alright guys clearly this is happening to lots of people, so don’t worry because that means eventually we’ll all be able to play, it’s an issue on their end not ours.


mr whippy i been trying every hour now

Yes I really want to play. Tell me when it comes back up :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar issue, and I think it’s because my computer has an integrated graphics card. Does yours? I’m able to run Civilization V and TF2 just fine, but not this. I’m going to get my old laptop, which has a much better graphics card, and try it with that.

today i can enter in every server except PVE after yesterday an idiot boxed me and i closed chrome

when press F1 i see
> connection to
> connecting to server…
> connection failed
> connectionFailed
> uLink got error: connectionFailed

I have a black screen too,
I hope they fix this from happening again the cyber dDos terrorists are the rain on this parade!