Black screen and the last audio played replaying like a broken record

I play for a while then I get a black screen with the last audio it played replaying over and over again. I can’t even play for more than an hour without this problem happening. Anyone know what may be causing this?

MY drivers are updated.
GeFroce GT 8800
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8400
8GB ram
OS: Windows 8.1

Update your audio and graphic drivers
Verify game cache
Reinstall gmod & disable addons

Is it possible to reinstall the source base?

Graphics driver is updated
Audio driver is updated
This is a fresh install of GMOD.
Game cache verified.
Addons disabled
Problem is still occurring. What do you mean by re install the source base?

BUMP. I still have the problem



bump again, still need help

This is most likely a problem with your graphics card.
Does this happen on any other games? What are your GarrysMod video settings set at? Try to play in windowed mode for a little bit and see if this happens.