Black Screen Glitch, Need Help!

My GarysMod just starting doing this randomly, one day it was working the next it wasn’t. So whenever I load a map and it’s finished it goes to black from there I can move and shoot and open menu but not see anything, I can sort of navigate my mouse into the menu through the black but it is a pain. I need help can anyone Suggest anything or show me anything or maybe facepunch could you please look into this?

Nvidia GeForce 820m
Intel i7 1.8GHz
Memory 8GB

Have you upgraded to 8.1? Make sure graphics drivers are up to date, and try removing addons/workshop subscriptions

Verify your game cache

If anyone can help it would be appreciated, i have verified the Game Cache, and everything is up to date but it’s still doing the same thing!

My friend has this same exact problem.

The problem is this:
His game launches normally, and gives him full access to options, the server browser, everything.
The the very moment he steps into a singleplayer game or a multiplayer server, his entire screen is black, although the game is still able to play, as he can hear the sound of himself walking and switching to different weapons. He can even connect to a server and walk around.

He has tried every google solution under the sun, including:
Verifying game cache
Reinstalling Garry’s mod
Updating drivers
Downgrading drivers
setting game configuration settings to lowest possible
setting game configuration settings to highest possible
forcing steam to run garry’s mod in direct x version 8.1
forcing steam to run garry’s mod in direct x version 7
forcing steam to run garry’s mod at a fixed resolution
Turning off Windows Aero

His specs are as followed:

Windows 7 home premium 64 bits
Intel I7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz
16. Go RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 570

1 To. Hard Drive
100 Go. SSD Hard drive

Please, someone help me find a solution for my friend.

I have this same problem. To fix singleplayer, try deleting the postprocess folder in you GMOD files. This, however, will not fix multiplayer.

I have confirmed this with my friend.

So what exactly is the problem? Are the postprocessing effects not supported by the specific brand of graphics cards?

Is there a way to disable them outright in able to have a working multiplayer?

pp_fb 0

Dang i wish there was a way for it to get multiplayer to work, Gmod used to be so much more simple!, oh well single player for a while i guess.

Enter this on any sandbox multiplayer server.

Just enter the server, press ~, type it in, and press enter.