Black Screen Issue Upon Startup

Whenever I start Garry’s Mod, I get a black screen. I can still hear the sounds that tell me that I’m mousing over a menu item, but nothing is on my screen. If I can’t fix it, I’m taking my money back. I SPENT $25 ON IT SO I BETTER GET HELP!

Jesus, calm down. We won’t give you any help at all if you shout at us and command us.
What are your system specs? Have you tried validating the cache and have you tried a full reinstall?

I just ALT + Tab out and then back into the game and that fixes it.

That’s usually the case for white screens.

Unless OP is colorblind.

You would think he bought the Counterstrike/Gmod bundle but on his steam account that’s not showing up.

looks like he bought the bundle or them individually, but if you take a look at his profile pic, he’s obviously 8-12 years old.This will prove challenging. He’s already trying to boss us around, and seems to confuse us for payed support that work for Garry and/or Valve…

Generic things to start with:
-Update your graphics card driver
-Verify Game Cache Integrity