Black screen mid-game

Basically, sometimes when I am playing Gmod I get a random black screen while playing. It doesn’t happen very often, as in not EVERY single time I play it. It only occurs once in a blue moon but it’s still rather annoying. When it happens, I get no sound but the FPS and ping counter at the bottom right of my screen doesn’t freeze so I know Gmod hasn’t crashed.

Does anyone know what is causing it and how to fix it?

Wait so this is a problem controlled by the moon?

Anyway, could we see your specs that’d help.

I get the same problem, but I still get sound and the controls are still workings; I can enter the menu in an out, but can’t see anything. From what I’ve heard, it’s either because of the Mann vs Machine Update or the Graphics/Video card is out of date.

This also happens on random intervals during multiplayer.