Black Screen on GMod Loading page.

When I load Gmod it starts but after the background shows up about 2 secs later the screen goes black. I can hear my UI music playing and when I move my mouse where the singleplayer/multiplayer would be it makes the mouseover sounds.

Anyone have a quick fix? I have verified all my files and restarted steam but it is still happening.

Please no remarks about deleteing and reinstalling cuz I make gmod movies and my addons are priceless and the files copied straight to the models, materials and maps folders are far too many to redownload.

Press start on your keyboard and reopen the gmod in the taskbar.

Can you give me the exact steps?


Nevermind, figured out what you was saying and it didnt work. Any other suggestions?

This happens to me when it completely loads, it happens for 1 second, then the background fixes itself to be in its original form and the menu pops up.

clean gmod and only join servers you trust…

rename your garrysmod folder to garrysmodold then restart gmod or tell me your.

Addons, Lua clientside files, and modules.

GmodSVN is out of date, buy garrysmod.

Thanks for all the help guys. I finally figured it out. It was a shader problem.