Black screen once I exit vehicle

Right, first off, it doesnt happen every time I enter and exit a Vehicle, but if I do exit a vehicle 10-20 times, everything turns black, only showing the HUD.

I can press escape and restart, but its annoying if youre trying to build a ac 130 with mouse aimed turret or a mech with 3 chainguns and a rocket strapped to it.

Any info on what it may be would be appreciated, cause I dont believe I am the only one getting this error.

did u try typing kill in console. was it on multiplayer or singleplayer?

Post your system specs, I hear this is a graphical bug.

It happens on both, but I mainly play singleplayer. Kill works, but it all remains black.

I have a M15x with a Nvidia Geforce gtm 240, i7 1.6 Ghz, 4 gb Ram…

thing is its happend before on my old siemens, but not as frequently and the only thing in common is the Graphics card from Nvidia…


I just thought about saying delete system32, but I’m smart :smugdog:. But seriously it could just be some code, try reinstalling Gmod, reinstalling Steam, etc. Or it could be an addon…

It’s most likely a bad addon.

Rename the garrysmod folder to garrysmodold and restart GMOD. Get into a vehicle and exit it. Post results.

Happened with me too some time ago too, but not anymore.

K, it still happens, but less frequently…

Thanks, I guess?