Black Screen When On Servers w/ Customs HUDs, etc.

This has been going on with me for a little while now, and I don’t know what to do to fix it. Whenever I join a server that a custom HUD/HUD elements, I get a black/white screen, depending on where I look in a map. I have ‘Allow All files’ selected. Anyone know how to fix this?

Why would anyone install HUDs server-side? That’s just retarded.

It could be a gamemode.

Well in that case, why would you play a gamemode you haven’t installed clientside? That’s not AS retarded but still…

Well you could just be looking for good servers, or just don’t know that you have to download it.

Good point. My saying on the download clientside is it’s kind of a n00b move to not do so. Now if he IS new to the game, that’s one thing.

Back on topic, have you downloaded the HUD (or gamemode, if not Sandbox) clientside to see if that fixes it? (NOT FROM SERVER)

I’ve tried looking for the gamemode, but since there’s only one ‘Fight To Survive’ server (The one where I’m getting this problem from.) and there’s no gamemode download for it, I guess I’m out of luck?

(Not new to GMod, btw.)