Black screen

i dont get why im loading my gmod and the screen turns black during loading when its in the menu and it also does it when loading server is happens when im in steam even if i have it turned off it still does it

Periods. Use them.
I don’t get what you’re asking.

dont start with periods dont help a damn thing in this thread dont be a grammer nazi

If you have no periods, or other punctuation, then we can not understand your problem, thus we cannot help you in any way.

Oh hey look at that FAQ in the help section

How to properly ask a question in this forum

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I’m having the same problem too. Sometimes restarting the game a few times does the trick for me. And I’ve also found that the fewer windows I have open the better. It does this even if I have no addons and it only started happening at least 2 updates ago.

thanks for the suggestion but it didnt help thank you for not being a grammer nazi

Another question. Is this in full screen or windowed? If one doesn’t work you might want to try the other.

mines full screen i change the resolution to 1152 x somthing i forget

That is your problem I am assuming. Can your gfx card support it? Whaat gfx card do you have? Go to dxdiag.

I’m having the same problem with the black screen to.

Are you kidding me?

Since the last suggestion was check your graphics card’s ability to run shit, and no one else posted after that, you could probably go and check that out. And you haven’t even given any details to your problem. Just a simple “me too”. If it’s exactly the same as what the other little shit posted, then do what I just said.

Although it is apparent that you can’t put two and two together because you’re retarded.

So go check your hardware.

fine no need to be hostel


that’s normal it happens to me all the time