Black screens/grids disappearing

I was about to restart my career in mapping when Hammer isn’t functioning. Each time I apply a new texture to anything, all screens except the Camera one goes black and the grid disappears.

I use the GMod setting from the wiki, I’ve doublechecked so that everything’s right.

Read that thread. Use 2009 ep2, gmod configs cause too much trouble in the long run.

Right, thanks.

More of these threads? People can’t search? :smith:

Searching the forums is disabled right now… :frowning:

Oh really? Because this definitely wont let you search on here.

It was disabled just a week ago I think.

Try it. I just searched this

I didn’t know. Thank you for letting me know.

Im still getting errors…

Search titles only.

Ahhhhhh. Ok.

Don’t be so lame, the search is still broken, and it’s not possible to go there via the forums.