Black shadow/line separating lit brushes


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the lower texture, in the editor, has a sort of “missing texture” lighting to it for whatever reason? No idea why it’s like that, though. Just ran the Half-Life 2 hammer.bat found in the bin folder, so it should be using everything from Half-Life 2 properly.

(I also don’t understand why the lighting coming from those lights looks so utterly terrible.)

Checked the lightmaps? are they aligned?

What do you mean?
I literally used the clipping tool to separate the brushes so I can use 2 textures.
Also it turns out using the same texture (the top one) on both fixes the issue so it must be related to the “missing texture” checkerboard on the lower texture.

This is just some texture bleeding. (due to the way textures are rendered in real time a tiny bit of the bottom black part “bleeds” onto the top)

to fix it set the bottom textures y scale to something like 0.251 and its gone