Black Skull (Interactive Comic Series)

It is the year 2039…
A corporation known as “Black Skull Industries” started making new technology for the Unites States Military, the Government became power hungry and corrupt. All of the wars we faced, we won, the technology Black Skull Industries gave to us was almost unstoppable. Soon, the Government started plucking people from our population, and drafted them into the Military. The public became enraged with this. Soon, riots began and full blown violence occured. The Government ordered all civilians to be shot on site, or to be drafted. Civilians started to rebel, they made and found their own weapons, and soon, this started the Rebellion. And now, there is a great Civil War between the Government and the Rebellion. Only one man can stop this before it’s too late, you, James Karun.

**A:**Take the device and activate it.

A: 8
B: 3

The fate of the world is in your hands…

C:confuse her with words she doesn’t understand till she gives up.




Cmon guys, i need atleast 10 votes for one before i continue.

A, also 10 votes is a lil extreme.


(10 votes?, are you really serious?)

Well…maybe i should change it, 5 votes.

A, my vote counts as 2. Next part please.



Be a man, A


Has anyone noticed in all of the walking screenshots that the girl is just a dupe?

I think that he should quit the game and read posing/speechbubble tutorials

Oh and B


And fuck Alice’s brains out.

Im sorry if this sounds like flaming, but Death, shut up, your just mad at me for romoving you.

Also…THE VOTES ARE IN, i will be working on it ASAP.

What i don’t even know who you are, your speechbubbles look like an inverted arsehole and your posing is dupes(badly might i add) either that or npc’s


though i have to say your story is good and compelling. hm, i may have to compete.


nah kidding but you have inspired me to do something i should have a long time ago

And deathbucket, Your posts look like shit.

You have nowhere to critique.