Black sky bug

So , after I changed my resolution to 1280x720 to get more frames , the option “Play rust” was not working , everything being really dark , even the menu.

Then , I decided to try directX option. Everything worked fine until I got spawned on some server. I was getting 60 frames , the day was really bright(maybe too bright) and the sky was black and looking damn weird

Here is a picture:

I’m running on full screen
AMD Radeon HD 5570
Intel® Pentium® CPU G620 @ 2.60 GHz 2.60GHz
8 GB Ram
64 bit

I tried forcing the game to run in direct x11 , same shit and forcing opengl makes the game purely black , no menu , nothing.

Some solutions would be awesome , directx makes my 25 shitty frames to 45 but the black sky fucks it up.


Another bug with AMD Radeon HD 5570 is when you change the resolution , the cursor gets fucked. For example to press Exit in the game I need to move my cursor 2cms above the button(depends on the resolution I’m using) – this is only for “Play Rust” version

Same problem for my girlfriend ! Her graphic card is an HD 5770.
But no problem for me on my HD 7870.

I have the same problem here with a HD5770.
Do you guys have some news about it (or do you know where to find info)?

So still no answer ?

Shitty graphics card, that’s it.

Damn this looks awesome. I wish i had it

Exactly what I thought while reading TOs post.
This is a big advantage due you get less optical distraction and also people at horizon are at really high contrast and thus easy to spot.

It’s a problem with AMD cards. There’s no solution that I know of - it just needs to be fixed.

Since they added a fix for gamma, this bug makes it impossible to see in the night.

Hey everyone. Looks like I completely missed this one.

Definitely seems like a driver issue if it only happens in specific older chipsets. The only option would be some kind of workaround or toggle to disable whatever isn’t working.

Anyone can replicate this on other chips? I don’t have access to a 5570 but I might have access to a 5450 earlier next month.

In the meantime, any chance you guys can attach/send-me a player log? On Windows, you can find them here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\rust\RustClient_Data\output_log.txt


Couldn’t get any useful info from it, unfortunately.

I have a couple of suspicions. I’ll see what I can do.

Regardless, I should have access to a 5450 in the first half of September and then I’ll be able to debug this.

Okay , thanks.

This happens to me aswell. It’s the reason i’ve stopped playing rust. I decided to try again today. Sad to see it’s still not been fixed, although im not surprised…

It’s just too bad, because Rust is quite a good game. For me this happens when i play in directx 9 mode, any higher modes are impossible for me, because my fps drops below 20 quite quickly if i try that.
I’m quite dissapointed, you’d think Facepunch would want players to stick around… i guess not :frowning:

My friend has same problem, GPU 5770 black sky and we cant do nothing, pls an answer, we realy like this game.

Fix this asap