Black spots on my map?

Hey. Im currently building a map and I keep getting these dark areas in my map.

Ive tried moving the lighting around, changed the light direction, added and removed the skybox and still nothing works. The map is a RP modification. Could someone help? Thanks

Do you have anything in the 3D skybox that would cause shadows in the main level ??

nah in fact i dont have a skybox as i removed it

What are you light_environment settings and which sky are you using ??

I may be new to mapping but I’m pretty sure you need a sky box correct me if I am wrong though

you don’t really need one, but a 3d skybox can give the illusion of the map being larger than it really is :slight_smile:

and i removed the skybox because it wasnt neccesary for the map that im making

you haven’t mentioned the sky your using but it looks like the pitch yaw roll settings are wrong try to match the setting for the sky your using with the sky list here :slight_smile: