Black Squad Operators

Has anyone ported these dudes ?!

i got the game files but i havent found any extractor or tool for it :expressionless:

as you can see in the link above “Goreface13” have the models !

But there’s no link to download and port them though.

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Also I like how the dudes are all dressed realistically but the ladies look like they’re working shifts at the local strip club.

yep, i messaged him and he will not put a download link, i don’t know why ?
**yes the males specially :,100):origin()/pre07/2d84/th/pre/f/2016/243/a/3/command___black_squad___by_goreface13-dafztyi.jpg,100):origin()/pre05/12c6/th/pre/f/2016/237/9/0/support___black_squad___by_goreface13-daf8tw7.jpg,100):origin()/pre02/5dc1/th/pre/f/2016/235/e/c/recon_elite___black_squad___by_goreface13-daezyl3.jpg…etc
CommandSupportRecon Elite…etc**