Black Walls, Fun with Triggers, and Other Stories from a Bored Mapper

Reposting this here, since I am an idiot and posted this in GMod development.

Been screwing around with a map I made several years ago for a server that no longer exists, just for fun. It’s ugly in many places, has some textures I lost in one of several hard drive crashes, and a multitude of other problems, but it’s still fun to mess with and I do plan on eventually cleaning it up and releasing it. However, I’ve run into a set of problems.

Note: Fixed the black wall, turns out I DIDN’T fix the old brush shapes in the silo to be trapezoidal like I thought I had. VRAD is happy now.

Weapon Removal Triggers

This is an area where I frequently pit NPCs against each other for my own personal amusement, and wish to add in a trigger that nukes all the guns that pile up in enormous drifts (as they tend to crash the game and distract rebels), all without killing players or NPCs.

I started by working with a trigger_weapon_dissolve, set to remove everything BUT physics debris. This is the brush that deletes your weapons (after they are dropped) in Half Life 2 when inside the citadel. However, the one I placed only seems to remove thrown grenades. I then tried with a trigger_physics_trap with a filter_activator_class set to { filterclass=weapons_* }, which didn’t either didn’t Enable when I called it or it just has the wrong settings. Either way, no adverse console messages to indicate the problem. I suspect that I’m using the wrong flags, but since I’ve used “everything except physics debris”, I’m not sure what else to use beyond a physics trap set to remove everything. However, a “kill everything in this hallway” button seems a bit stupid, considering there might be players in the control room once I get off my ass and fix up the map for release.

Energy Core Bugginess
In a piss-poor attempt to be fancy with the weapon-sweeper trigger, I threw in a truckload of weapon-stripper models and added in some env_citadel_energy_cores. They charge as expected, but calling Stop(4) on them didn’t do squat, nor does calling StartDischarge followed by Stop(4). They stay on for the rest of the round and the mass of particles causes my framerate to drop. I haven’t seen any similar experiences on Google, so I assume I’m just doing something wrong. I may just remove them, but they’d be Nice To Have as a visual indicator that the weapon-sweeper is in operation.

Pick up the guns.

If you really had "filterclass=weapons_" the problem might be the s, most weapons are called weapon_