Black Widow [Contain Nudity]

Dont mind about nudity or not, just playing with light and express emotion.
I have to save in PNG first time bacause only this pic is very low quality in JPEG. Sorry for someone take a long time to load.

Most of shadow and lighting are in game, except laser sight and some spots.

Pretty nice. How did you get the laser sight effect?

I create red line shape with red outer glow [Spread - 3, Size - 35]. Use eraser tool with soft brush for some parts of laser line.

Thanks. Again, nice screenshot. The shadows and lighting are great.

the laser goes to the right while the gun is pointing to the left

I like this one!

What character/model is that? Is it from a game, or custom-made?

I don’t think you needed to put a warning I think everyone’s seen a side boob.

Upper part is Jill Valentine with Succubus’s dress.

wow the shadows on her leg and some on the upper body look horrible. I still ain’t sure if it’s badly textured cloth or shadows.

o.o… I’m sorry what are we looking at I got distracted… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding but if I tried to make something half this good it would end up on shitchan or something.