Black_Stormy's models

Hi all, I’m compiling and touching up some models that I made a while back for a left4dead map that fell through. Here’s the first, I’ll update as I go.

Ammo Pickup:


Wow, I like it.

Looks pretty good. Probably looks better at a normal distance - the closeup shows a lot of less-than-perfect bits, but I doubt anyone will look at it that closely in-game.

Next one. Another ammo pickup. I have a third ammo pickup coming up, it’s a modified version of the bag above, but it’s hanging on the wall.


These are pretty cool.

So yeah, your ammo bag model showed up as an error for me. It seems to be all installed properly, but I haven’t managed to work out the issue with it… structurally it seems FINE… but in game, not so.
Might be something you want to check up on.
Nice work with it though, Looks like this map had some potential

EDIT: Actually upon a better look, it seems to be missing a few files that most Gmod models have attached to them, notably the .xbox files.
I know these were primarily made for Left 4 Dead, But they’d look great in some scene builds

.xbox models are entirely superfluous. I’ve actually set up a script to search through my gmod folder and trim them out, to save space.

AFAIK, only one release of studiomdl even produced .xbox models, and that was probably an accident.

Pretty neat stuff, but the bag has varying quality on the textures. Some of the bag is high res and other parts are low by comparison. Also, the text you used on the ammo boxes is unreadable and poorly anti-aliased. But that’s all nitpicking, and this is way better then a pile of ammo on the ground.

These are compiled for left4dead, the l4d studiomdl only puts out those three model files. Let me recompile them for gmod - incoming.

About the textures, I made these models a few years back and they aren’t really up to scratch I agree. I am just touching these ones up so I can work on some newer ones. Thanks for the feedback though!

I thought they were meant for killing floor. It looks like the unreal engine and the “Cheers mate” is fitting.

Greatly appreciated. Still seems strange they didn’t show up though. Most L4D props do…
On that note


How do models like those even remotely make you think, ‘Unreal Engine?’

Well I had a play but I’m not a big gmod dude so I got confused and I don’t know if this will work. It’s compiled in the orangebox compiler, which spits out more files than the left4dead one. Man I can’t find any tutorials on how to compile models specifically for gmod.


Next and last ammo pickup model. Got no feedback on if those last ones work for GMod, so I compiled this one for left4dead like the first post.

This one is just a modified version of the other bag with a leathery texture instead. I don’t think it really fits the colour scheme of left4dead but this is what the man wanted.


Oh, and have a look at the .vtf if you want, there are some bumper stickers I made for an earlier version of this model. Just kind of an easter egg. Teehee.

Sorry haven’t been around much this weekend. I’ll give it a try later and let you know if it worked out

Wow these are some really awesome models :smiley: Last link doesn’t work though :confused:

Just a heads up Stormy, the models are working fine. The addon folder I had them in got corrupted somehow. Once I moved it into a new addon it all worked fine and dandy!

The original models or the recompiled ones? And I fixed that link. I am working on a few more models now but no more ammo pickups. I can take requests if anyone has small props they need.

I tried it with the recompiled.
Need me to try the originals too?

If you would.