Blackjack at the Crate Club

Old version:


Try to find Nick in the scene.

gee wher is nick.

i jus dont know wher nick iz.

a hint: look near the demoman

Turn your screenshot quality up to 100 next time.

Apart from that, it’s a fun concept.

I did. this was the result.

Also I did a redo on the scene, which I think is much better, and replaced the old pic with it.

Why is chuck holding one of the cards backwards?

you ever play Blackjack?

Blackjack? Oh… Oh i am blind.

oh god thank you so much

Now that I found Nick thanks to Frostypunch, I can say this picture’s faceposing is awesome.

Funny thing is the character format is the same as Poker Night’s.

You got:

2x characters from the same company (Valve)
and 2 characters from different companies, Chuck (Capcom), Niko (Rockstar)

No dealer?

went to the bathroom.

Great pic! But I don’t really like the way Chuck is holding his cards. I mean, you wouldn’t really hold them in the air that way… Or would you? idk, that’s my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: Great face poses