''Blacklight Eagle here, we gon' have a problem'' Soldier about to fight with infected.


C&C would be apperciated, thank you.

I think it turned out pretty well actually.

Scopes don’t have lasers coming out of them.

aimpoints emit bright red lines now? even assuming it was a laser (it isn’t), you can’t see laser beams. the only time you will see a laser form a coherent visible beam is if it reflects off of something (dust or smoke particles, usually) or if you’re looking at it with imaging equipment that can see the spectrum it emits in. all you’ll see any other time is a simple dot where it’s landing.

posing is bad. the witch looks like she’s… i can’t even think of a word to describe it, really, but the post is unfitting for a zombie. the train track makes her look tiny.

noise makes everything even worse. the one thing i can commend you on is the angle and to some degree, the composition. these around-the-corner screens are getting pretty rare and at least you’ve done that part well.

work on your posing. once you’re proficient there, then you can try your hand at editing.

It’s a lightsaber.