Blacklight Retribution ARK MARS

Blacklight Retribution ARK MARS


*2 models.



Models and textures: Zombie Studios
Porting: ATP
VMTs and reskinning: Squiddy
Phymodel: Simkas
Betatesting: Ninja Nub, Viper, MLC, and whoever else I can't really remember.

Dropbox: (down)

Neat, a really cool looking bot. I still cannot fathom why it possibly needs pants though.

Robit boners.

On spawn both models have their right arm going crazy.

thank you.

Nice work ATP!


That’s cool !
I have a question, How can we have the model of the robot girl?

Got a 509 when I tried to download, says there’s too much traffic.

the right arm totally flips the fuck out when I try and pose it, other than that it’s cool

Updated OP with new download link.

I can just hear the fags asking for playermodels/NPC’s.

Me too, but I doubt anyone will listen to them except for those ten-year old brats that are trying to be cool on a RATED-M game.

Quite nice models,is it possible you will release the female from the pics?

Ninja released them as a bonus: