Blacklight Retribution backpack rips (HELP)

Im trying to rip a few backpacks from BLR, mostly the firewall breaching kit, I used umodel GUI once to rip a player model but now everytime I try to export stuff from the data folder it exports all textures as 64x64 pixels and doesnt export meshes at all… anyone has any idea of what this may be?

keep the big textures file in the folder as well.


SteamApps\common\blacklightretribution\Blacklight Retribution\Live\FoxGame\DLC\PCConsole

^ Im looking in this directory btw…

EDIT: Ok, I can now extract textures at normal size, I was moving the .upk file around instead of extracting it from its original folder, but the meshes are still missing

put the .tfc file in your upk folder