Blacklight Retribution: Balik Cruiser

Blacklight Retribution: Balik Patrol Cruiser

So, here comes a nice little joint release between myself, Taggart and fury_161.

What we have here is a significantly improved Balik Patrol Cruiser from Blacklight Retribution, modified with bodygroups and skingroups by Taggart, an interior by fury, and textures+animated lightbars by myself.

So, contains:

1x Balik Patrol Cruisers, with the following bodygroups:

  • Lightbar on/off
  • Headlight Covers on/off
  • Floodlights on/off
  • Window Grates on/off
  • Radio Antenna on/off

and the following skingroups:
-AHPD Patrol Cruiser
-MMRS Corporation Security Cruiser
-Weyland-Yutani Corporation Security Cruiser
-TagCom161 Construction Cruiser



Also available on the workshop.


Taggart: Model porting, bodygrouping, etc
Lt_C: Texture sexification, creation of new textures, texture animation, etc
fury_161: Interior modelling
Zombie Studios: The original model, Blacklight: Retribution, etc

I’m categorizing this under “Off the Chain”.

They’re beautiful! Great work, you guys.

Good job guys, these are great!

This is really good.

Those animated lights are great.

Nice work, it will be really useful!

Holy shit. Thank you.

Wow, thanks for all the options, guys!

I’d love to see these in SCars, awesome work guys.

These police cruisers are so badass, they don’t even need reenforced bumpers. One good tap from them and they can turn a modern car into scrap.

There’s some talented modellers in the blacklight team, that’s for sure. Their design work is awesome.
The nuke-proof apc, AA-mech and the other huge-tank-mech are also great looking.

These ones:
Tank-mech, AA-mech on the left side.
Couldn’t find a good pic of the AA-mech.

And there’s the dropship too:
Not as fancy though in my opinion

woooow,great job

Damn it, now I’ll be thinking about having them in gmod, they’ll hunt me forever. Thanks. Especially this tank mech.

Somehow that tank-mech seems a bit awkward though

yeah I’m planning on porting the Panda (APC), Scorpion (AA Mech) and Valkyrie (Dropship) too, along with the Stryka (attack chopper) and the Stryka’s unarmed MMRS variant, though no5_sniper already did the walker tank. I’ll ask him if I can release it with the others, perhaps.

the tank looks bad because it’s an Abrams with legs. at least it has more than two though.