Blacklight: Retribution Ghost

Hello! Could somebody get me the non-premium and premium versions of Ghost? The game he comes from is on UE3 and it isn’t hard to extract from.
Here’s a picture of him for reference:

I’ll have a go, hold this space!

I know that CSLeader was working on him a long time ago, try asking him

I probably saw it him workshop, but I’m not sure. The problem is having old client, since it’s updated several days ago (it has custom texture compression).

Yeah, there’s a L4D2 model of him on the Workshop.

But like rama said, CSLeader was also working on Blacklight stuff a while back. If he’s still working on them, I’d wait for those.

I found the model myself after the new update, but the textures that are extracted along with him are all black. Anybody know anything about this?

Hey Falkok. Every since the BlackLight Parity update, textures have been coming up black in UE Viewer.
It was mentioned in Gildors forum here:, and he seems to be aware of the problem but that doesn’t mean it will be fixed anytime soon (or if it can be fixed).

I have extracted a number of models and textures including both versions on Ghost before the update hit so here it is. Enjoy!

Thank you. Sorry for the delayed reply.

UE Viewer now supports Blacklight’s texture compression.

Is there any documentation on how to actually extract the textures without them coming out entirely black, then? Because they still seem to be coming out that way, even when forcing the game to read it under the setup for Tribes: Ascend like the post over on Gildor’s forums mentions to do. I’m trying to extract the weapons and their variant parts, but the black texture issue still seems to be persisting.

Do you really use the latest version (28.09.15)?

The latest version I grabbed (which was shortly after your post) was published two days ago. I haven’t grabbed the version that was released today, so I’ll give that a shot and see how it goes.

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Unfortunately, it still seems to be happening even with the latest version. I honestly don’t know why.